Thursday, September 06, 2007

the mirror.

every time you look in the mirror you see yourself.

what do you see?

how does that make you feel?

what do you tell yourself about these sensations?

what if everything was a mirror?

what if everything you experienced and reacted to was a reflection of yourself?

yep, i thought so..............


X. Dell said...

What gets me are people like Dr. Phil who tell audience members to improve their self-esteem. Self esteem, in large part, is a reflection of what society thinks of you.

Getting a makeover doesn't improve how you see yourself in the mirror, per se. It might improve how people react to you, especially since we're taught to judge people through such superficial aspects as appearance. It also might improve your mood if you believe that society will react more positively to you after your change.

Good post.

dr.alistair said...

dr.phil is a media spokesperson. his pitch is designed to make you feel as badly as possible about yourself so that you will buy things to try to make the feelings go away.

it is the same pitch that anyone on tv is delivering.


Kate said...

Its very true about Dr Phil. Interesting post.

I am glad life isnt based on the reflection of myself. I, like many people am really hard on myself. I often have to stop myself (literally) from mentally beating myself up! lol I try to focus on positive messages but I dont really believe them! lol Its like setting your alarm clock ahead 15 minutes so you arent late in the morning... you KNOW you have 15 extra minutes even though the clock is saying that you dont! lol

Its a constant battle. I have gotten better as I have aged. lets hope that continues! =]

Have a great weekend!

dr.alistair said...

kate, thanks for your comment, and welcome to hypgnosys.

my entire work is in showing people that they have flexibility in thier perception of the world so that the mirror pleases.

we are hard on ourselves in many ways.

i drive myself relentlessly in athletics, linguistics, research, exploration, humour, sarcasm and in search of joy that i know exists, because i have experienced it before.

and i know the methods work because i am my first client and i begin anew each morning.

be hard on yourself, but out of unconditional love.

the hardest lesson is in flexibility.


sometimes hard.

sometimes virtually impossible.

but intensely rewarding and emancipating.