Friday, September 21, 2007


crazy chick might just have a point.


Ricardo said...

Christian Socialist Conservative? WOW! I think she does have a point too however and I like her idea. I have strange views on marriage however.

dr.alistair said...

well,where does one start with this one?

firstly this is what`s called a trial balloon, let`s make a bold statement using a fringe person and see how the public reacts; if favorably then proceed with more, if not, then the christian socialist conservative disappears down the rabbit hole from whence she came.

secondly, the issue of marriage is a commercial agreement under contract and so why not have a sunset clause provision?

those who truly love each other have little need for the legal document.

i love my guitars for instance.....

what strange ideas do you have ricardo?

BBC said...

Hey!! I posted on my blog this morning how to create a simple link.

So why are you still being a retard?

As for that news story, do you really want to be going to look for more sex every seven years? That is such a pain in the ass.

Okay, women these days are a pain in the ass, support your local hookers.

BBC said...

I have this strange idea that you should get off your lazy ass and learn how to make a link. :-)

dr.alistair said...

bill,you are nothing but consistant.

did i not tell you two or three posts ago that i couldn`t give a shit about links?

and don`t the links work?

and we are all a pain in the ass these days.

men and women both.

blaming each other isn`t the solution.

in fact, if you`ve noticed, the only way it works is to find a way to like each other.

nearly seven billion people can`t be wrong.