Thursday, September 06, 2007

trauma-based mind control.

sorry bill, its a video.


X. Dell said...

Alistair, I'm going to address you on this board, instead of on my own regarding this video.

As utterly unbelievable, improbable, and over the top that this thesis appears at first glance, it deserves a second, deeper look. I wish I had time to cross check a lot of the minutiae that I don't know, and some of what I do know is at odds with they are saying, they have put some rather juicy things to say about Lohan, Ciccone, Aguilera, and Spears.

Their position regarding Smith, however, is their strongest. I hadn't seen the clown video before (I usually flee from celebrity news), but I have now. I've seen plenty of people on a mushroom trip, and I guarantee you that's not a mushroom trip. In fact, it does seem like an age regression more suitably achieved through hypnosis--do you agree?

dr.alistair said...

and they missed the ritual removal of the garter in the madonna video also.......

celebrity makes me cringe also, but the thesis of a memetic delivery system made of hypnotized robots makes some awful sense.

and that was no mushroom trip. it was a triggered regression accessing another personality. someone present during the filming of that bit knew the trigger.

a controlled dissociative state made familiar throught the movie "the manchurian candidate."

interestingly studies on multiple personality disorder recently have shown a direct correlation between the patient and the type of psychiatric treatment provided.

x., to be quite frank with you i`ve been researching this stuff most of my adult life, mostly to sort out my childhood as the son of a jesuit, and my research as fallen into many rabbit-holes, my training and career in hypnosis and nlp being one of them......

something,and i don`t precisely know what, stopped me from going into a jesuit trance at an early age.

i always knew there was a little man behind the curtain....i wasn`t frightened off by the big booming voice.

X. Dell said...

I can certainly understand where you're coming from with this.

Are you familiar with the work of Dr. Colin Ross (MD)? I first read the correlation between DiD and other things from him.

dr.alistair said...

i had read some of his work a while ago regarding did, and some arguement could be made for smith exhibiting some pre-existing did symptoms, but i think the video we saw with smith as a clown represented something far different.

X. Dell said...

Agreed. The Smith video looked more like regression to me.

dr.alistair said...

it is very difficult to say what we were seeing there.

we were asked to acceptthe position of the researcher that she was triggered into some post-hypnotic trance by a "handler".

i have read some material on this and have to say that professionally, it would take a concerted effort over a great deal of time to produce a state like, that without the person having some pre-existing dissociative condition.

X. Dell said...

People can go into regressive states for a number of reasons--for example, in times of tremendous stress. A pre-programmed trigger would be presumptive.

Nevertheless, the person in this video is responding as a child. You'd probably know what kinds of medications might cause that effect, but I don't know of one. I've never seen alcohol or any recreational drug have that effect without other symptoms present (e.g. slurred speech, failing motor and emotional control, etc.).

I would be kinda curious to know if Smith actually had a preexisting dissociative condition, whether diagnosed or not. As you probably know, one school of psychology suggests that DiD is a result of iatrogenesis. If so, that could open up a huge can of worms here.

dr.alistair said...

i agree entirely that iatrogenesis produces many pathologies that require further treatment, and in that becomes a more profitable game.

a deliberately induced stress with a trigger is what the documantarians were suggesting regarding ms. smith, and i tend to agree...though with out fact.

and we all go into different trance states throughout the day, exposing us to all manner of programming. that`s why i recommend staying away from tv.and newspapers as much as possible.

in england as a child i watched the original avengers series which dealt with a lot of mind control issues, as did the american series, the prisoner.

someone was trying to call the game.....or playing a different one.

a combination of drugs and behavioural pressures could produce this dissociative state, and certain drugs could represent the trigger for the behaviour, as moderate doses of alcohol do.

whoever smith`s handlers are would use drugs to expediate the process, much like the assassin cults of asia minor used cannabis and hashish....and the rastafiri of ethiopia and now toronto.