Sunday, September 09, 2007

social atitudes and global warming.

it is pretty obvious and straightforward to those not invested in divisive political and economic arguements that the sun has much more to do with global warming than the industrial revolution and it`s effects.

so why is it that we need to continually find an ad hominem target to blame for the increase in global temperatures and the potential threat to our existance?

the same reason why we blame others for the mundane occurances in our lives.

concsience and obligation.

we are conditioned to an acrimonious reaction to everything from spilled milk to someone else getting a raise at work.

and as long as people are mentally lazy enough to enjoy blaming others for our problems, solutions will never be found.

it reminds me of an interesting episode or two i had when i first began blogging.

i deliberately don`t capitalise my posts for a number of reasons, the greatest of which is the simple fact that if someone is going to be pedantic enough to focus on the case size of letters on a page, they aren`t equipped for the type of discussion enjoined here and therefore self-edit.

when i first began blogging i was attacked relentlessly for my lack of higher case letters at the begining of sentences and for proper names..........and i told the commenters pretty much what i said above.

and that this was my little corner of the blog community and i was going to have my way in that regard.

and thinking back, the majority of those types were staunch global warming junkies determined to wind down industry to save the planet for future generations of tent-dwellers and weren`t open to debate.

they merely wanted obedience.


BBC said...

it is pretty obvious and straightforward to those not invested in divisive political and economic arguements that the sun has much more to do with global warming than the industrial revolution and it`s effects.

You are so full of shit, try telling your kids that in another ten or twenty years, they will think that you are an idiot that just wanted the things you wanted, so you brushed off the fact that everything you do and buy effects the planet.

Multiply those greedy wants and needs by over six billion other monkeys that want to much and there you go, a scorched earth that won't be able to support your kids.

Oh well, it's just your kids, why should anyone else care if they live if you don't. :-)

WTF? Did you take liberal arts in collage? That would explain a lot.

And you don't use caps because you are too fucking lazy to, you want everything to be easy to you. Well tell that to someone living under a tree and starving. :-)

dr.alistair said...

so i`m full of shit because i don`t agree with a position you are parroting from politicians?

did you read the article in the post?

actual scientists used actual science to correlate data spanning centuries to indicate a link between solar activity and changes in the temperature of the planet and suggest that the planet is actually in a state of comparative cooling now.

mr.gore never did quite manage to touch on large global temperature cycles that include such embarrassing events such as ice ages and the absolute lack of warming spikes that jeopardise life like the chicken little types on tv like to envisage.

natural shifts in global temperature and regional shifts over time have seen deserts form where forests existed before.......hundreds if not thousands of years ago.......long before suvs and air-conditioned offices for therapists to selfishly work in.

and many of the people living under trees starving are the result of food-aid programs such as the african ones in the sixties and seventies that have resulted in tribal atrocities due to over-population in relation to available local food now.

not to mention the creation of an immediate resource to trade for guns.

google rawanda.

liberal fiddle-faddling and band-aid solutions 30 or so years ago that are paying dividends now.

dr.alistair said...

and lazy?

because i don`t use caps?

frankly i`m not that good a typist and am fucked if i`m going to focus on one more thing to appease a non-issue.

i`d rather spend the time being dad, playing the guitar, riding my bike, lifting weights, playing soccer, talking to girls, blogging, painting, shaving my head, eating, drinking coffee at starbucks and talking to girls, watching soccer on tv, some work with clients because i need to pay the rent and eat and ride my bike and go to the gym and get guitar strings and buy new soccer boots and prepare for my seminars at the clinic in st. catherines.....

fuck, i`m tired just listing all the things i do in a day.

i don`t have time to even think about something as non-existant as capitalisation of words.....unless someone wants to be as tiresome as to try to make a point over it.

so what was your point again bill?, oh yeah, you were attempting to insinuate that my lack of caps was in some way responsible for someone sitting under a tree starving.

i think you actually have to have a basis for an arguement before you attempt to have one.

that`s the problem with media educated minds.