Sunday, September 09, 2007


apparently, according to this article, children`s self-esteem is being threatened because they are overweight.

i would have thought they are overweight because of a pre-existing condition that lowered thier self-estimate.

but that`s just me.


BBC said...

Why a kid, or anyone is obese could be the result of any number of things. It can't be narrowed down to one thing.

One might be fat because the TV and other advertising makes everything sound so good. Another might be fat from eating as a way to deal with stress, etc, etc.

I'm not driven to handle stress by eating, besides, I don't much like looking at fat out of condition people.

And if they don't like my saying that, I don't give a damn.

dr.alistair said...

well actually it`s only one thing.

eating more than necessary for daily nutritional requirements.

it is the cause of the overeating that needs adressing.

and i`m certain they do mind you saying it.

BBC said...

"and i`m certain they do mind you saying it."

Tough shit, that is their fat ass problem. How many fat women have you wanted to have sex with? Fat people do not have sex lives for the most part. Just saying.

X. Dell said...

Doctor Phil says that kids need to get themselves some self-esteem. What are they? Lazy?

dr.alistair said...

the doctor holds out the promise of self esteem as if it`s a commodity that one can buy for a price.

he is the prototypical snakeoil salesman.

people who dose themselves with food are trying to switch off a series of sensations using a substance which operates in thier system much like cocaine.

i read that in some overweight people the effect is to ram the feelings down with each mouthful they force themselves to eat.

to characterise these people as lazy is as far from the truth as possible. they are highly motivated to the process of stopping the feelings that hurt. unfortunately the outcome for them is tragic.

to utilise the motivation and desire in a more effective way is critical to the improvement of a person suffering in this way.

and x, i know you didn`t mean that in any personal way.

X. Dell said...

Actually, I thought I was being ironic, or in other using words saying the exact opposite of what I believe to show how stupid these sentiments are, and how common.

Unfortunately, this medium doesn't allow for the expression of irony all that well. I guess that's why they invented smileys.

dr.alistair said...

x, i got the irony because i realise you are bright enough to understand the reality of the overweight person`s plight.

i merely used the comment to riff further about my perception of the issue and of dr.phil`s continued mowing down of the personal issues these people have.