Friday, September 14, 2007

the sexes.

but i like it when a woman "accidentally" runs into me because her "spacial accuity" isn`t as refined as mine.

i`m going to miss that.


X. Dell said...

(1) Why should it come as a surprise if spatial accuity has more to do with socialization processes than biological ones?

(2) You might want to check the spelling of your link. A simple cut and paste of what's here will give the reader a 404 error.

You can also link directly into your text. Highlight the text that you wish to lead to the link, click on the button that looks like a little two-link chain (or infinity sign) and cut and paste the URL inside the dialog box.

dr.alistair said...

actually i disagree that spacial acuity is social more than biological.

the article i attempted to post discussed the improvement in women`s spacial accuity after playing first-person shooter video games.

it is common knowledge that one of the major differences between male and female athletes is spacial accuity.

i have coached girls and boys soccer for many years as a personal trainer and i am still suprised occasionally when the girls are cut to pieces strategically and tactically by the boys "reading" the game far better than thier female counterparts.

the girls skill sets are as good, thier motivation is many times superior and thier dedication and love for the game is equall, but the demonstration of the execution of communication at a distance, understanding of space, and interpreting how the next five seconds will look in thier minds before it happens just doesn`t compare to the boys.

and x, thanks for the instruction on how to put a live link into the posting.

dr.alistair said...

i removed the t from the end of the htmlt on the end of the url of the link.

then it worked.

but the good thing is that i learned how to liven the link so that people aren`t enraged at having to cut-and-paste, because here at hypgnosys we aim to please.

sort of.