Tuesday, September 25, 2007

and again.


i don`t see the environmental pressure exerted on the dna of plants and animals by things such as the runoff in the article above, producing advantagious results. i.e. a better organism.

when the environment of a species is toxified the species adapts and remains the same species or it dies.

otherwise there would be evidence for such a response.

it would be the most significant survival mechanism in genetic existance.

yet there is no evidence.



Ticharu said...

living next to 15 acres of bog, I expected I'd see a lot of frogs but I see fewer and fewer and the evenings are quieter with each passing year...

dr.alistair said...

i live surrounded by highways and steel mills and starbucks, but a bike ride north for a few miles takes me up the iroquois shore across onto the pre-cambrian shield into the farm land and forests where the soul can soar out and one can breathe again for a time.

shame about the frogs though. such lyrical companions.

i am sometimes serenaded by the screetching of a red-tail hawk or the call of a coyote or a wolf.....but the suburban sprawl is chasing them back, so one has to push further afield to find communion.

thanks for dropping by ticharu, and thanks for the music.

Ticharu said...

"divine madness"
That's a great description!

Well, all I know is that I'd rather hear the sound of frogs and the wind in the trees than the din of our engines.

dr.alistair said...

ticharu, this thing we are experiencing together has room for the sound of frogs and of the wind in the trees and of the din of our engines too.

we cannot afford to cling on to any of these things.....each has it`s moment in the flow.

though i know which i prefer also.