Friday, September 14, 2007


and we aren`t even in the top ten.

we obviously aren`t trying hard enough.


BBC said...

You should learn how to make a proper link to other sites. :-)

X. Dell said...

Question: how would you account for the lack of Western Industrialized countries on that top ten list?

dr.alistair said...

x, the fact that we aren`t on the top ten is a reflection of our concern for a balance between sewer and playgrond.

democratic societies tend to work toward that.

also, since the fifties we have been shifting away from manufacturing toward service. this is seen clearly in the evolution of employment stats.

i live within sight of one of the last vestiges of post-war industrial porn at hamilton ontario. stelco has existed throughout the closing of major manufacturing plants in ontario as a stark reminder of what humans will do to the ecosytem to make things.

the need for these things hasn`t diminished, it has merely shifted to places where rules and regulations are less stringent. we will shit in our nest in india, china, malaysia and wherever else democracy can stabilise a region to be able to support an economy.

it`s still our capital that is driving industry though, wherever it may be situated.