Saturday, September 29, 2007


when i woke this morning it was still dark.

i had set my alarm deliberately so that i could ride down to the lake to watch the sunrise.

i sat on a bench with a plaque on it honouring a man who`s life had touched some people enough for them to put a plaque on a bench in the park by the lake explaining who he was to them.

i felt peaceful and comforted by the greetings from all the people walking thier dogs at sunrise as they walked by the man sitting on the park bench with his bike.

and i noticed that people with dogs are able to say hello more easily than people without.

i have been thinking about getting a dog.

and watching the sunrise.

and i have to say that the day went smoothly and people seemed consistantly friendly and relaxed.

a perfect day?


close though.

i think i will make the effort to catch the sunrise occasionally.

oh yeah, and smile.......i think that`s why people were friendly.

the sunrise made me smile and the feeling lasted all day.


BBC said...

People, with or without dogs, that go to the beaches in the early mornings while others are out doing what they think is important stuff are generally more peaceful people.

Keep in mind that if you get a dog that you will be expected to clean up its poop it puts on the beach and trails.

I prefer not to do that but just bike to the beach alone and be at one with myself. And my higher self.

dr.alistair said...

yes, something seemed to align it`s self inside of me, and the feeling persists.

and the idea of a dog is impractical on many levels.

seeing the dogshit in little plastic bags all over the place says lots about our society too.