Saturday, September 08, 2007

obligation and conscience. (brace yourself.) goes.

the propulsion system of guilt and anxiety.

A) obligation. if i do something for you then you owe me something in return.

b) conscience. the state of awareness of obligation.

and there we have it in a nutshell.

all the hate and pain in society driven by two value states.

church and state drums this into us from an early age.

be obliged to doing things for others.

the word obligation has the same root as religion.

ligamen : string, thread.

ligatio : imprisonment, bondage, captivity, servitude

we derive the phrase "being roped in" from this obligation against our will.

if we weren`t tied or bound then we wouldn`t do it, would we?

so what we have is an unconscious mechanism in society whereby we are all asleep roping each other into things out of obligation and wondering how we got where we are.

and you have to ask yourself; do you ever do something without hope of repayment?

and the answer?

a disciplined withdrawal from obligation.

the high culture of 2000 years ago knew this stuff. plato wrote exstensively about it but we aren`t encouraged to read it anymore.

when you understand the latin roots of words in english you get a deeper perspective on what we are actually saying to eachother.

and have fun with this stuff. it is your life after all so why not make it enjoyable?


SJ said...

You nailed it. IMO it's not just religion but also patriotism that works this way. I never agreed with the "ask not what your country does for you..." thing.

dr.alistair said...

thanks sj. i have struggled to overcome my "isms" regarding queen and country and realise that these people and the metaphysical construct known as a country are self-serving entities who wouldn`t slow down to piss in my mouth if my teeth were on fire.

it has taken me many years of desire to be actually free to think for myself to get to this point and to be able to clearly state my case against obligation and conscience.

yep, kennedy was merely another politician.

he must have pissed off the wrong people........

i am staggered still when i have conversations and i realise that i`m talking to a full bird catholic or baptist or polarised political animal just waiting to leap at me with his position on taxes or which of the ten commandments enriched thier life the most.

sometimes i actually get creeped out thinking i`m sitting with zombies.

this blog has been envigorating in that i can speak my mind and find a consensus without the "invasion of the body snatchers" reaction when someone discovers that i`m not a pod person.

one may as well believe in unicorns as to believe in a cotton cloud heaven with a white bearded god and attendant angels and cherubs inviting them in to live forever because they followed some arbitrary game-rules with dogmatic determination.

BBC said...


one may as well believe in unicorns as to believe in a cotton cloud heaven with a white bearded god and attendant angels and cherubs inviting them in to live forever because they followed some arbitrary game-rules with dogmatic determination.

Or Aliens...

Plato really has nothing to do with today. And not that many people have even heard about him anyway, let alone studied him.

All you need to have a decent life is a roof over your head, some food in your gut, a few friends, a few interesting things to do, and a mate to have sex with.

Everything else just drives you bat shit crazy. Hum, maybe I should build a big fucking wall around my place.

X. Dell said...

I'm not sure I buy your definitions of 'conscience' and 'obligation.' After all, power doesn't really need to appeal to a sense of guilt, since other things (fear of prosecution, poverty or worse, opportunity, etc.) would work just as well. While it's true that power does this, it's also just as true that they apply such other methods carrot-n-stick, or in a pinch the Herzberger model of motivation.

I see the opposite, actually: the seeding and nurturing of a sociopathic culture (perhaps somewhat contradictory terms, but that's the best I can describe it).

As for obligation, we live in intricate systems of interdependence. Unless someone makes their own clothes, cultivates his own food, builds his own transportation, et cetera, he owes somebody something, and is in turn owed. The real problem comes when the balance is too far out of whack, like when what is demanded is too high, and the payback too little.

dr.alistair said...

bill, i never said i believed in aliens. i state the obvious.....that several miliions of people are reporting statistically identical experiences regarding abductions, vistitations and disk-like flying objects in the sky.

plato described the organic nature of organisations. that has everything to do with today. it is the thing that will choke us off from our feeding tube. either that or a gamma pulse from the sun.

but you are right about happiness.

dr.alistair said...

conscience and obligation in the religious sense of the word.

for fear of prosecution we have our dear friends, the judicial system and thier agents, the cops......and for poverty, those who play with the interest rates for fun.

i have a feeling the interest rates are about to do some funny things by the way.

and the balance has been out of whack for a long time. we are living in a feudal system with an artifically created middle class.

in medieval times there were kings and castles, now we have corporations and policy-makers, and you know where that puts us.

and as for sociopathology, we are being dictated to by a sociopatic ruling class, and so to boot-strap up the corporate ladder one has to mirror that behaviour convincingly enough to be invited in......or genuinely be sociopatic, and most people aren`t subtle enough in thier application and are merely cruel and rise no higher than corporal.

personally, as i age, i find myself taking gurdjieff`s lessons further to heart.

quiet suffering and acceptance......and waiting for opportunity.

the fourth way.

BBC said...

Happiness is good peanut butter cookies and milk.


A happy dick.

Ah shit, I only got two of three there. I'm so needy. LOL

dr.alistair said...

i read somewhere that awareness leads to unhappiness, and i find that in some of my esoteric travels some of the things made apparent disturb me greatly.

especially the anna nicole smith issue.

so what is the solution?

i certainly cannot avoid looking down each rabbit hole, and it truly is impossible to get some of the pictures out of my mind. so what does one do with an inquiring mind?

i was lead to the freeman perspective via a search on google video using the word "nephilim", his was the first video that came up.

oh, and regarding how power works, it is becoming apparent that we are entering into an age of experts where it is becoming increasingly necessary to be certified and qualified to do the most elementary of tasks.

to help children at soccer in the town where i live you now have to take excrably tedious courses that have little or nothing to do with the game, just so you can be a "certified" coach.

it doesn`t matter that i played the game at the highest level in england and need a bureaucrat or two to deem you suitable.

plato predicted this a long time ago.

it is the nature of organisms to expand into all areas of thier environment and take control.

it is true of animals, fish, insects, viruses, bacteria, humans and as plato pointed out, government for instance.

BBC said...

i read somewhere that awareness leads to unhappiness

No shit, that and the lack of pussy. And awareness pretty much assures that you won't be getting any unless you bump into that one in a million gal.

dr.alistair said...

i`m really not sure how you arrive at the conclusion that i`m not "getting any".

do you mean tonight?




i await your insight.