Saturday, October 27, 2007

connection to the mystical.

i was reminded today of why we do art.

those of us who can do art of any sort are compelled to return to the process occasionally for a variety of reasons.

the real reason is that it connects us to the mystical.

or should i say it allows us to recognise the connection.

the connection is always there.

and now there are those of you who want to know what the "mystical" is.

that`s what art is for.

do art and discover the connection.

then you will know too, if you don`t already.

(because there are no words to describe it.............)


Ticharu said...

YES!!! Very well said!

dr.alistair said...

thanks ticharu.......i had to tread lightly across this one for fear of sounding condescending.

i really feel as if we are all working toward more familiarity with this connection and so i keep writing and speaking about it, and some are saying yes, i realise that too.

it`s a good feeling.

chrissy said...

dear doctor, mytsical is you. :)

BBC said...

I paint houses, for rich people that have more money than brains.

But at the cosmic level I paint flowers.

dr.alistair said...

i fix brains, for the affluent who have money and pain.

and on the cosmic level i am busy fixing my own.

colon, close brackets.

yeah, and mystical is me..........