Sunday, October 21, 2007

jay weisner.

i have gotten away from research into the illuminati and the templars etc. because, well, there is so much conjecture about all of this stuff but i will say that jay weidner has some interesting viewpoints that i`m glad i have re-aquainted myself with in the last few days.

one of jay`s focal points is the idea that we are heading for some sort of event in 2012. on december 21st to be precise.

i have heard so many takes on what is supposed to happen from different people with apparent insight from ancient scripts, hieroglyphs or myths etc. that i just take it all with a grain of whatever i feel like taking it with.

but jay`s view is slightly different.

he believes that there is going to be a shift in spiritual conciousness in humanity.

other that to say that there is going to have to be if we expect something different to happen here......other than war, crime, violence and other forms of destruction............i tend to like his view.

my belief has always been that when we choose to love ourselves unconditionally then we are incapable of harming others by default.

i have been criticized and laughed at for this view.........

and i can handle that.

but what if there is some single event that is going to mess up our ability to be fuckheads as a race.

i can get behind that.

2012. december 12st.



Ricardo said...

Well my friend, it will be interesting to see what exactly this big event will be. Hopefully it will be nothing ugly. I also think you are right about loving yourself and not wanting to harm others. If it's a healthy sense of self love, then it does work because you have a greater value of the old passage "do onto others" thing going on.

dr.alistair said...

i think the event is one of consciousness more than measureable physical effects.

everyone from the mayans to the hopi to the higher interpretations of traditional religious texts talks about a time of trancendance or return of "someone", and of course there are the end time prophesies that the fundies like to kick around to bolster thier moral injunctions against any behaviour or belief that doesn`t fot thier dogma.

but like you said "healthy" self-love.

i couldn`t have put it better.

it is interesting that in all the posts i have written describing unconditional love for the self i never once considered the "bad" side.

i never meant it in an egotistic or selfish way.

i always assumed my readers understood the "do unto others" bit.

my self-love includes the active desire to not harm others.

it creates some interesting paradoxes at times though.

thanks for your comment as always ricardo.....

good to hear from you brother.

X. Dell said...

With any luck, we'll both be around on December 12, 2012, and whatever it is we'll talk about it--either here or on my turf. Whichever.

dr.alistair said...

without a doubt x.......

love the beatles thing by the way.

i grew up in england in the sixties.

one of my most enduring memories of my mother was hearing her singing along to the beatles on the radio when i was five or six.

"love love me do.........."

BBC said...

Have I ever mentioned that you are a fucking idiot?

"he believes that there is going to be a shift in spiritual conciousness in humanity."

Of course there will be, you fool, but you can't put a date on it, anyone that tries to do that is just an idiot.

It will happen when it happens. Maybe too late, but it will happen. And I will be sitting there saying, "I told you so".

Anyway, bring your own beer. Hugs.

X. Dell said...

My mother sang a lot of Beatles tunes too.

dr.alistair said...

bill, it`s just interesting that there seems to be an agreement from a variety of ancient sources as to this 2012 date.

and my intention isnt to "i told you so".

my hope is that with a shift in consciousness such an ego need won`t exist any longer.