Friday, October 12, 2007

winning part 5

y`know since i began writing this series on winning i made an assumption.

i assumed that you are a winner and that you would understand.

maybe you aren`t.

you might doubt yourself or what i`ve written, or bits of both.

and that`s human nature.

not everyone can win.

but it is a decision.

so know this;

when you decide to be a winner don`t expect others to understand and support and encourage you to get what you want.

unless they know how to win themselves.

winning makes it`s own community.

winnning is an attitude that pervades a group and lifts up and encourages all who wish to compete.

not everyone can win each game, but winners understand this and respect thier adversary as a winner also.

so there are no losers in a game played between those who choose to win.

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