Thursday, October 11, 2007

winning part 4.

put yourself in the picture.

see yourself accomplishing something.

see what you saw and hear what you heard and feel what you felt as a response when you know that you had succeeded at something, no matter how trivial.

this is your "map of the world" regarding winning.

now, while you still feel this sense of winning, visualise yourself winning the thing you want to win at now.

overlay the sensory model of success you already have generated onto the visual model of winning you have build for the future event.

run this pattern several times until the feelings of victory are absolutely certain in your mind.

continue to do this exercise comfortably throughout your day as you prepare for the competition, noticing how subtle adjustments in how you visualise and re-enforce the feelings change the certainty that you feel.

making pictures larger and brighter and sounds louder and voices more assertive and encouraging amplify this sense of confidence.

get ready to win now.

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