Tuesday, October 30, 2007

is your life coded?

by this i mean are you aware of the patterns and sign-posts that consistantly occur in your conscious awareness?

are there similar themes and characters and events that arise that are obviously part of some plan or scheme?

are there similar conflicts and concerns that appear?

are there coincedances and synchronicities that build up over time?

once you start to become aware of these things you start to recognise a pathway to follow.......or maybe one to avoid.

but certianly signposts are useful guides along the roadway of life.

like this one;

i`m riding last night and thinking about a specific thing and a streetlight blows out as i ride under it.

hmm, i thought, interesting.

i`m riding today in the glorious warm sunny air when i think about the same issue and look up to see a streetlight on in the middle of the day.

now that is what i mean by a signpost.

signals from the universe.


The Caped Misogynist. said...

Or concidence.

dr.alistair said...

yes, that too. but recently the series of things that are occuring have amplified to the point where it`s more like the universe is jumping up and down yelling "yoo hoo, look over here, stupid."

and after a while you begin to take notice....and things just keep happening.

like the licence plate thingy.