Tuesday, October 09, 2007

winning part 1.

on sunday we are in the league cup final.

in the big picture it`s a small thing, but for 22 soccer players it will become more and more important as sunday draws near.

with each day the focus will become sharper and preperations will become more detailed.

each day until then i will post some ideas and methods that i use to prepare for things like this.

the methods are the same for business meetings, sales pitches, negotiations, preparing to go to the gym and of course sports.

today i will do some visualisation exercises, some bike riding (30 km.) and a visit to the gym to focus on core strength, lateral movement and identifying niggles from the strain of back-to-back games on the week-end.

do all senior athletes prepare like this?


does it make a difference?


why don`t all the senior athletes train this way?

no time. lack of committment. lack of understanding of the advantages of such preperation.


BBC said...


I could fucking care less about them.

Exercise to me is hiking to the hot springs to be at one with the cosmos, and Goddess.

Why does an idiot have both comment moderation and word verification?

Hey, just asking.

You are not fucking important enough for us to jump through all those hoops.

BBC said...

And if you think it has something to do with money and you making some money you are even more stupid I think you are.


No kidding.

chrissy said...

Good luck. I will pray you reach success, whatever that may be for you.

on a personal note, thanks for the wonders you do.

dr.alistair said...


bill, sport is whatever you make it.

everyone plays with thier prey before the kill somewhat,otherwise it would be just survival.