Saturday, October 20, 2007

something went click........

and so i accepted the change and dug back into some of my old links and found one of my favorite researchers, cleve backster.

there is an interview above and if you are interested a fair bit of his work on-line.

cleve backster began experimenting with plants and discovered that they respond to external stimulus measurably.

he hooked plants up to an electro-encephalograph and discovered that they would respond to his actions with changes in electro-magnetic energy.

if he went to burn a leaf he would get a spike on the graph paper.

if he thought about burning a leaf he would get a reaction.

and so on.

does this mean that plants are conscious?

i don`t know.

does it mean that we are conscious?

i have my doubts...........

what it means is the humans and plants share in that they and we react consistantly to certain types of external stimulus.

so do computers.

as uncomfortable as this may seem to some.

and computers are evolving, as we know. they are becoming quicker and more efficient and networks are developing to include hardware and software so that it can communicate at a distance.

wi-fi, bluetooth and skype are just a few examples of this evolution at work.

computing devices are slowly integrating from stand-alone devices into portable interactive processors.............with esp.

humans are still driving the bus as we speak and manufacturers are resisting the pressure to integrate services onto thier proprietary devices......but pretty soon we will see big-brain communication in a hand-held format.

a quick browse through wired magazine should be enough to convince you of the evolution, not of humans, but of computers.

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