Friday, October 12, 2007

yahoo search.

in my search for "british high court al gore" i came up with this as the first hit.

the reason i did the search in the first place is that a talk show host was doing an opinion piece on the subject of the recent british high court`s decision to only allow the showing of algore`s movie in schools as long as it was made clear that there are inaccuracies in the information provided in the movie that are substantially misleading.

i was heartened to read that a government cared enough about the minds of it`s children to promote balanced pespectives in science.

it seems that this balance is missing america where radical polarised viewpoints are the norm, not only in the livingrooms ofthe nation, but in the classroom also.


in this article is is suggested that american schools should follow suit.

it is my experience that canadian teachers would resist any suggestion that they should criticise the work of fellow socialists and would virtually choke on any words used to suggest algore could be (gasp) politcally motivated.

in my children`s schools teachers are so busy promoting volunteerism, racial equality and environmentalism that any suggestion that thier new demi-god movie star could be wrong would ensure that a strike would be imminent.......or at the least a work-to-rule or some other form of heel dragging designed to unilaterally set policy.

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