Tuesday, October 30, 2007

personal preperation.

when my clients book a session for past-life regression i ask them to begin to prepare themselves for the exploration by doing some simple exercises.

firstly i suggest that they begin to be aware of dreams and begin to write them down when they first wake, whether it is the middle of the night or when they are ready to get up in the morning. it is best to write the dream down when it is fresh because even after a few minutes the memories begin to fade. having a pad and pencil beside the bed makes the job easy.

also i suggest that the client take a pen and paper and begin to write words and phrases down that come to mind freely. let the mind run free of judgement and structure in this practice to the point where patterns and themes emerge on thier own.

once the client has an outline of a direction in this free-association practice it can be a focal point for identifying past-life memories that have carried over into this consciousness.

a practice of relaxation, prayer or meditation or yoga is good preparation for the past-life regression it`s self.

the more easily the client can access a relaxed state, the more effectively the regression work can be accomplished, and so any prior work that a client does before the session helps.

i also recommend journaling for becoming aware of themes and patterns in a person`s life.

these self-actualisation techniques are good all-round ways to help the client integrate themselves on a daily basis and is a great way to 'tune-up" the psyche and rise up out of the dull materialistic rat-race that we are all caught in.

themes and patterns are the signposts we have access to in our journey toward the integration and healing of the self. everything suggested here is a way to prepare the consciousness for the exploration of the past-lives in regression that are such a powerful tool for healing.

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