Wednesday, October 10, 2007

winning part 2.

quietly sit and relax......allowing yourself the time to close your eyes and remember a time when you performed perfectly.

you remember a time when everything you touched just moved effortlessly, like in a dream.

see what you saw and hear what you heard and notice how that made you

recreate that sensation as you see yourself running with the ball and shooting and passing and getting into position to attack and to defend.

the feeling will come as you do this and you will find yourself re-creating the precise physiological sensations that you felt then and you will be in the optimum state to re-create the physical motions as you performed them then.

we have all done this exercise from time to time by accident or otherwise and have re-experienced the event as if was actually happening now.

all of the physiological markers of actual experience are there, the increased heart-rate, the sweaty palms, the dialated pupils and the flushed skin. some even get goose can if you do it right.

how would you prefer to be feeling before the next game, excited or in fear?

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