Saturday, October 06, 2007


in conversation recently a woman said that hard-core pornography is hostile and degrades women.

i agree. it does.

but it also empowers men and women to thier own pre-suppositions about the opposite sex.

"men are all pigs" for instance.

we`ve all heard this one at one time or another, and yet not only don`t we have the intellectual tools to defend ourselves in such an arguement but it`s inacurate.

all men are not pigs.

we are characterised as pigs for having desires that are entirely natural, and while they may be inappropriately displayed at times, these desires are entirely welcomed when and if a woman so wishes.

and make no mistake, women decide.

pornography isn`t so much an action as a re-action.

and the part about objectifying women.........

that`s what women are doing when they make statements like all men are pigs.

until such time as men and women find the ability to learn a thing or two about the person they are characterising we will all be calling eachother names and objectifying eachother.

and sleeping alone.

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BBC said...

Don't look at me, I'm a pig.

A one woman pig.

But a pig none the less. :-)