Sunday, October 21, 2007

october 21st.

at 9.00am this morning it was 15 degrees celcius and sunny.

by 3.00pm it was 25 degrees.

at 10.00pm it was still 20.

i can handle this.................

i rode to toronto in late afternoon and got into town by 6.00pm, and after catching a garbage bag in my gears and twisting my chain finally i was glad to get off the bike and sit down for a starbucks on king and bathurst.

it was beautiful to see the city vibrant with people on the streets enjoying summer-like weather this late in the year.

the bars and restaurants were jammed and traffick was heavy.

the more time i spend in t.o. the more i want to live and do business there.

burlington pales in comparison.

though i would probably miss the quiet after a short while gone................

oh well, not decision time yet.

remarkable day though.

oh yeah, and we finished our final soccer game of the outdoor season winning 9-0.


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