Monday, April 17, 2006


no matter what you believe, reality will prove you right.
if you think that you can`t lose weight then you won`t. if, on the other hand, you believe that you can drop fifteen pounds before the season starts so you can run faster then you`ll find a way to get there.
so it comes down to what you believe in and what you apply those beliefs to.
what do you believe in?
make a list and look at how these beliefs put pressure on you to make them prove them by your situation.
if you find that a belief conficts with a desire that you have for some future outcome you have to ask yourself which is more important, your goal or your belief.
where do our beliefs come from.
surprisingly there are some powerful beliefs that we have adopted into our lives from other people.
who are the people who`s beliefs we have come to use as our own?
popular figures in society, like;
movie stars.
religious leaders.
and even friends and niegbours.
when we evaluate beliefs we start to realise that they fall into two main catagories;
limiting beliefs and motivating beliefs.
the question then becomes, who would allow us to adopt a limiting beliefs?
go back to the list above and pick a villain.
who has ever, in your experience, told you that you can`t, shouldn`t, mustn`t or dare not do something for no reason.........and you wondered for a moment why, but then just accepted thier position and the belief with it?
or....have you just got in the habit of telling your self limiting tales and little lies to stop you doing things that you want to or really need to do.......and for no good reason you just accept the limit.
so that`s enough about limits, what about motivation?
how do you motivate yourself in the morning? before a meeting? before a date?
do your beliefs dictate how these things will go?
you bet they do.
change your beliefs and change your reality.
look at the list of beliefs you made.
if you don`t have the list, stop reading now and at least put ten beliefs down about how you see the world.
now look at the list and imagine changing some of the values around.
if you believe that you aren`t bright enough to learn physics then imagine that you are brilliant and see that it will motivate (allow) you to pick up a text book on physics and surprisingly the book will explain step by step how physics works.
see how deciding to change one value in one belief can change your entire world.
pick another.
imagine that you are afraid of public speaking. get physically ill at the thought of talking in front of a group of people.
now see the opposite as true.
what will you do with your new ability?
present a business plan to investors? speak at a wedding? sing in a band? no matter what you choose to change about your beliefs, your entire universe..........and everyone else in it, changes forever.
but that`s another post.

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