Sunday, April 30, 2006


find people who love themselves.........they`ll be much better equipped add to the relationship as you do.
how can you tell if a person loves themselves?
and wait for an answer.
if they don`t understand the question then explain your love for yourself and ask if they agree with the concept and recognise the feeling of loving themselves unconditionally.
if you love yourself unconditionally it will be important to ask the question and accept the ansers as they come.
what you are doing when you ask this question is discussing the value a person has for thier self.
the lower the level a person holds themselves in love, the more thier ego will take over and manipulate thier decision making ability.
and then you.
people who love themselves don`t manipulate.......they accept and add thier bit, or move on.
two people who have this understanding together can move mountains.
all the anger and resentment we experience is as a direct result of someone not loving themselves unconditionally.
we are all on a journey toward discovery of love................the more we allow love to reveal it`s power the more we can grow and be involved in the abundance of all this miracle that is emerging around us each day.
love is allows us to see this.

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