Sunday, April 23, 2006

how do we recognise this uncoditional love in others?

well. it takes real courage to look hard enough into yourself and decide that you are going to treat yourself well enough for it to be considered love...........and when you begin to do this then you can begin to dare to look deeply into the souls of others too.
but not before.
you will be blind.
you will fail to make the distinctions needed to choose those who care enough about themselves to not harm you...............until you choose to be that for yourself.
after that you will never see anything the same way again.
but the warning here is to realise that as you go through this process of seeing and listening and feeling in different ways you will begin to reject things powerfully that you may have desperately clung to for years. and you may also find yourself needing to be in and around other situations and people too.
the whole thing is going to turn upside down.
are you ready?
can you swim?
when your eyes begin to become accustomed to the new light you will begin to see others who care about themselves deeply.
not in an ego driven way, but in a peaceful and powerful way that you may suddenly notice for the first time and you will say, "wow, i have to have some of that" and at that moment you will begin to.
when you passionately and deeply mind your own business it builds your power...............and power is what we need in this world to live peacefully, so that we can solve our issues and meet our goals and thrill to the wonder of what is unfolding around us all the time.
we really can only see what we know in pay attention to the messages that are coming at you for the next little while.....there is a little bird trying to say something to you.
feel the unconditional love that you have for yourself now. know that you don`t have to earn it. the love exists as the natural resting and dynamic moving state of energy in the universe. you are part of that.
that`s why it`s unconditional.
without conditions.
ask a lawyer, he`ll tell you.
the only conditions that exist are borne out of fear and uncertainty...............and the expectation of some exchange of value based on future efforts or providing of products or know, like a marriage.........
what a joke.
if you continue to earn money.............i`ll still love that o.k.?
we have legalised and put contractual limits on love............well done people.
if you love yourself unconditionally you don`t play legal games like that.
people who have the capacity to love themselves unconditionally will give you nothing, but they will do you no harm and leave you the space to be in love with yourself in a powerful and supporting way....and i guess that`s what we desperately need.
what kind of world would we live in if nobody would pick up a gun or cut you off on the highway or steal your things at work?
bit of a fantasy really, but you can start with yourself.


anu said...

I dont see any people like this around me Dr.

dr.alistair said...

i do on occasion......the rarety makes it so much more special when you do meet someone like that. you have displayed that nature in your postings and i`m sure that as you take more strength in your true nature more will be revealed to you. it`s easy for me to say that because it`s the only truth in the universe.....unconditional love. the more you see, feel and hear it, the more you get back.
the opposite is more of the same expression. the negativity we see all around is proof that the positive is there in equal measure.............
go and claim it. don`t wait for signs, permission or an invitation.
just begin.