Tuesday, April 25, 2006

the true nature of god.

as a student of divinity at the doctorate level i am asked to explain my view of what god is in the context of what my school believes. the school believes in the spirit all around us as a super or higher power. between you and me, i think that the idea of another being or spirit if you will seperate from what we know at the furthest stretch of our intellect and consciousness, is making things unnecessarily complex.
what if it`s all you and me doing it all?
what if we designed and tested and engineered and produced the whole of everything from the tiniest blade of grass to the tallest mountain to the most elaborate ecosystem to the deepest ocean and all the fish in it?
doesn`t that seem as equally preposterous and ridiculous as some extraterrestrial entity able to do the same thing?
there is one glaring difference though...........
if it`s all down to you and me, then we`d better start thinking better thoughts.........don`t you suppose?
lets not hate our neigbours for painting thier side of the fence, let`s not freak our children out by being so critical of thier errors over trivial things, lets not beat ourselves up because we can`t live like the people in the big houses across the highway (however it is they live anyway.....), let`s not think that we are so much better than people who believe different things than we do or drive rusty cars or mix plaid and checks or wear white shoes with dark pants...........
let`s mind our own fucking business and smile a bit more each day and see the sun coming through the clouds..........and love your kids and your friends and your wife and husband like you have chosen to love yourself (you have made that decision, right?) and then let them go and do thier life thier way........
and remember who you are.
someone once asked me if i knew who it was that made the grass green.
do you?

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