Saturday, April 08, 2006


the majority of people with spiritual questions walk into a church to find answers, and much like going to mcdonalds when you`re hungry, come away without sustenance. the good news is that belief is the key, as the article above points out. my thing has always been; why all the fuss and ritual? the sun comes up in the morning and provides all that we need to exist and my prayers get answered in precisely the same ratio as everyone else`s.......


anu said...

Dr Alistair, you once mentioned you have friends who are Chiropractors. Can they travel back in time and alter the past?

This Chiropractor claims he can!

How does he do this Dr?

dr.alistair said...

the healing within us naturally begins when we believe it will begin. the chiropractor and the patient have agreed to this as stated in the article. none of the people that i know that are certified chiropractors make such claims of treatment. all healing happens within the mind of the person needing the treatment. we all go back in time in our minds in memories and create new present realities as a result. this is a natural process of being alive, so the chiropractor`s claims are valid. unfortunately, he will have a problem with the bureaucrats at the chiropractor`s board. they have rules to follow that he agreed to follow that are nothing to do will healing.
it is ironic that only a few years ago the medical boards were treating claims of chiroractic healing in the same`s a funny old world.