Tuesday, April 25, 2006

come back with as much love as you can.

there are those who search all thier lives for the perfect this or that. they look for the perfect person to treat them right (whatever that means.) and settle down into a life.
o.k. so what does all that mean?
the person searching thinks that they need something or some person so that they will feel something............different.......better...perfect?
do you see where this is going to be a problem?
the more you discover better feelings for yourself through acceptance, faith and reliance in what you are capable of in your life, the less you believe in the dogma of thinking that people and things can add something special or different or perfect in your life.
there are moments where we do have special feelings about people or things.....that`s natural, but to build conditions about how new relationships will be is setting yourself up for tragedy.
our entire culture is dependant on you developing conditional relationships.......our culture is one of consumerism and quick fixes.
to be free of the burden of culture is to begin right now to be loyal to your self and not get caught up in the aquisition game.......of things or people........just so you can feel better.
your friends don`t owe you anything.
your wife doesn`t owe you anything.
your children don`t owe you anything.
and you don`t owe them anything either..........
you owe your self the kindness, the compassion and the love to be able to make the distinction between conditional relationships, that is those where performance in the future is needed to continue, and unconditional relationships where you will be in love no matter what.
and that starts and stops with you.
as soon as you love yourself unconditionally, your world changes.
you walk differently.
you talk differently.
you create different chemicals in your body and this makes you do diferent things.
you smile and relax and allow and accept things and stop judging and hold the door for others and the whole world changes in precisely the same way you do.
it always has, by the way.......it`s just that most people blame others or make up silly theories about magic or astrology or phases of the moon to rationalise thier discomfort.
discomfort and pain is nature`s way of telling you that something is wrong.
now you know what to do when the feelings come............
come back with as much love as you possibly can.


anu said...

This sounds like the perfect situation. Have you reached this stage Dr?

dr.alistair said...

i am offered the opportunity on occasion to apply this and i have to say that i have been able to be awake enough to be able to tell myself to be in love and in the moment at times of conflict........
but there are times where things get the better of me. i am a human being and fallable. there have been times where i wanted to react angrily but chose to work on smiling...it always works out better that way.
each time we master the moment in love we grow a little bit. take it one step at a time and make your life up of moments moving toward love...........meditate on the awareness of love inside and smile..........
you will radiate this in the precise amount that you feel it inside and that radiation will go into the soul of others and greet them.
this is how our consciousness works all the time. why not make the experience one of love and acceptance and grace?
the gift is one of never-ending opportunity to start.....now.