Sunday, April 30, 2006

what is love for.

love is a survival mechanism.
it is a rule to live by.
it is the basis of discipline in the essence of the self.
it is the default setting for creativity.
it is the thing we do to ourself the first thing we do when we think.
it is the creative force in the universe.
it as all that we see.
it is all that we do.
it is where our feet rest on the ground.
it is our only chance of surviving what happens next.
love is the little shoots coming up out of the ground.
it is the tallest mountains.
it is the sky from horizon to horizon.
it is deep down into the bottom of the deepest ocean.
and right behind your eyes.
it is you.
your entire spirit.
everything that you can concieve of is love it`s self demanding that we look and behold.
laughter, smiles, joy, bliss and celebration. all that is love.
you breathe it in and it goes deep into your cells and nerves and all the atoms line up and do as you command love.

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