Monday, April 03, 2006


ok, so here`s the thing. people aren`t happy. they aren`t content. they aren`t able to sit in a restaurant without looking at what other people are getting. and we can`t even resist the urge unless we understand what it is we are going to resist.
from the time we are little we are told to be aware of the feelings of others. we are told to be good, kind and courteous to those we know and those we don`t. we are constantly on the lookout for how others are doing. this goes inside on a deep level and we create more and more complex games of involvement other people`s stuff. it gets to the point where we are automatically judge, jury and executioner and chief of police. we then look to the actions of others based on thier choices, desires and religion and politics. we earn money and look down on those who have less than we do and resent those who have more than we do. it creates this pressure in our spirit that binds us to constant anger and resentment that simmers under the psychic surface, only to flare up when we find the guilty party.
stop it.
stop caring.
stop wanting to be seen as good.
stop interfering in the lives of others.
stop raising money for some new dumbass charity. (you have no clue where the money will end up anyway.)
stop judging. now. like that..............
when the thinking and the comparing and the rationalisation stops it will be like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders and when that moment comes with it will come the certain realisation that you will never allow the weight to be put back on again.
all the petty niggling and comparing and anxiety of living up to and being better than.....goes away.
what falls into the space you create in your mind is a comfortable peace that you can fill with anything you choose.......try a smile.
try another one.
let your life be lead by smiles. just for you......and for the next smiling face. it`s addictive.
imagine if there were a few billion more people just not interfering and getting behind causes and religion and environmentalism and politics..........we`d have less need for guns to defend ourselves.
that`s something to smile about.


anu said...

"what falls into the space you create in your mind is a comfortable peace that you can fill with anything you choose" - I more than know what this means after the weekend Dr.

"let your life be lead by smiles. just for you......and for the next smiling face" - So simple and yet so powerful. And it costs nothing.

Arn't babies made of this stuff?

anu said...

oh, and i just remembered :-)

anu said...

Dr i'd been searching for an appropriate martial arts class since long.

The ones i had approached in the past were very beaurecreatic, when it came to the kidney issue and also so expensive, i could barely afford. Plus they gave me these promises that i could become a black belt in 10 mths. Now i found this so ridiculous. It may take 10yrs or more to attain that level of a black belt. So i saw, they were trying to sell a product to me and not share their art.

Guess what? Today i googled on aikido and found an american sensei teaching aikido in mumbai. I met him today after work and watched a session. Oh Dr, it was so awesome. I may not be able to do all the grapling techniques as i have the fistula on my wrist but i'm sure i can do something. And Brain just told me to take proper care of my hand and myself.

He did not bug me at all on my kidney issue or by asking too my questions. And plus the fees are so very affordable and i can take three classes per week too.

And we have such a lovely crowd there - there is a russian girl, a west african guy, and a couple of indian guys and there will be me now :-)

I am really excited and happy. I really hope this works out for me. I cant think of anything (not even my ex's thoughts can bother me now) which gives me more happiness than martial arts.

So i am going to look for some protective gear for my arm tommorrow and get ready for my first class on saturday.

And you are the first person i'm telling this news to. Its 11pm and i just came back from work and have not even eaten. But i'm so excited i just wanted to type this to you. :-)

dr.alistair said...

babies are made of that stuff.......

dr.alistair said...

nice. from what i know of aikido, it is a deeply spiritual and yet powerful martial art. i was first exposed to aikidi by an actor called steven segal. he made a series of movies featurung his mastery of aikido and focussed of the flow of the energy within him as he fought the bad guys. i studied some of the spiralling techniques and applied them to soccer.

anu said...

wow really Dr? i am amazed how you pick from everywhere and use those skills for your game :-)

dr.alistair said...

any practice of the body includes the mind, and any practice of the mind includes the body. the spins, spirals and arcs described and practiced in aikido are exactly the same as used in soccer. it is a method of converting energy that is directed in a straight line to one that curves. the energy projected out from an attacker is converted into a curved shape by the aikido master, directing th force of a blow away and back toward the attacker. the energy is kept in motion and used against the assailant. this is true in linguistics also.
matter is an illusion. there is only energy.

anu said...

Wow, yes!!! I am really excited for my class. Your words are charging me up.

And i already love my sensei (not romantically). I mean i just love his energy. I feel i will be able to establish a connection with him. Like i do with you Dr. So i am sure i'm going to have fun.

Earlier i met a number of indian teachers. I could barely connect with them. They had so many rules and they looked so strict. He prided in being crude and keeping a strict straight face and frowned when anyone smiled.

Brain smiles a lot during the sessions, esp when someone makes a mistake. He jokes too. And his students laugh when they fall.

And after meeting you Dr? i know just too well the significance of this tiny gesture called smile :-)

Hey, guess what was my word verification now? "wink"

dr.alistair said...

laughter is the music of the universe.........
and i have noticed some unusual verifications as well. coincedance?
here`s a coincedance. the other day we moved our clocks ahead for daylight savings time and two of my friends asked me to fix thier digital watches for them within an hour of eachother....mild coincedance. then, when i got home my youngest boy came at me to fix his digital watch too. he hasn`t worn the thing in months.

anu said...

:-)coincidence is the humor of the universe