Tuesday, April 18, 2006

a theory of everything.

science, religion and philosophy have all searched for a grand unification theory. an idea that will explain all of everything in one neat little package. and why not? we have microwave dinners and instabanking so why not an easy explenation of the universe............
well here it is. a theory of everything.
don`t react.
you wanted it simple and easy to implement so there it is.
don`t react. don`t buy into someone else`s trip the second you see it.
don`t jump to conclusions.
sleep on it.
ask for clarification.
don`t be afraid to say no.
and so once you have created psychic space in your consciousness then you can act.
with a smile.
so there you have it. my grand unification theory.
don`t react.


anu said...

I like what you say Dr.It will save a LOT of stress to not react but act :-)

How are you doing Dr? And how is your soccer practise going on?

dr.alistair said...

yes.......it does save a lot of stress......and leave room for humour.
soccer is awesome........