Sunday, April 09, 2006

how to run fast.

imagine in your mind a time when you ran really fast. see what you saw and how you felt and even the smells and sounds you heard. practice doing this until you have a perfect image and sense of running as fast as you can. now, as you see yourself running hard notice the images at the sides of your vision. you will see trees and fences and other people possibly, and even the ground beneath your feet. these images are what give you the sensation of speed.......a frame of that you know that you are moving. otherwise you would be moving your arms and legs and breathing hard but your eyes would say that you are standing still, in your mind, during this exercise.
o.k. so here comes the next step.
while you are experiencing this in vivid detail really focus on the things moving out of the corners of your vision. install fence posts if you need to, and as you reach top speed and reach for that extra bit of effort to go just a little bit faster suddenly make the fence posts double in speed out of the corner of your vision and make a whizzing noise in your mind and feel yourself propelled with the added imagery.
did you experience anything different physiologically as a result?
do the exercise over again and take the time to build the model up in your mind, visually, auditorily and kinaesthetically (feelings) and really notice the feedback as you add the new bits of the experience.
you will know when you get it right because your bodily sesations will take on more sensations of physical speed as a result.
and the next time you run your body will remember how to run faster as a result.


anu said...

I felt like i'm trying to race past my life as an observer. At some points i felt strong emotions depending on what scene i am seeing.

Just that i knew what is coming this time, and i almost wanted to change some of it so that the outcome would be different and more joyous.

What'r your views about what i am saying Dr Alistair.

Is this what you were driving at?

anu said...

Dr Alistair, the aikido teachers have asked me to leave. The American teacher has no problems teaching me but the indian teacher who is renting out this class says if i die in his class it could cause him serious legal problems. So i spoke to him personally and told him that i am really passionate about learning and i shall sign any disclaimer you need.

The Indian teacher told me that he has consulted with the top three martial arts teachers in india and they have all advised him against taking me.

He will speak to the lawyer to check whether there is a way to accomodate me but he told me not to have too high hopes.

Dr? This is the first time i've felt the limitation of my kidneys and have cried becoz of my kidneys.

dr.alistair said...

you must honour and respect setbacks. they are the way we learn. the comfortable are cursed by comfort. welcome to opportunity and feel encouraged that you will grow because of it.

anu said...

But how will i grow now Dr? Noone in India may be willing to train me as the indian teachers give advice on many boards and they have strongly advised against taking me in any class.

How i can feel encouraged that this is an opportunity when i can it all crumbling before my eyes like a pack of cards.

Today morning i woke up from a dream where i am refused a hotel room becoz i have a renal failure.

anu said...

My family and 2-3 friends know that i am going to aikido. And now I am so embarrassed Dr., to tell them that becoz my kidneys are not in perfect condition i have been asked to leave.

I've been working on myself, wasn't i? Then why did this happen Dr?

dr.alistair said...

feeling sorry for yourself is an ego trap. when you love yourself unconditionally you accept the reaction of others as part of the journey. i cannot comment on thier specific issues and it`s not important to do so is about movement. aikido is about understanding the movements in physically and spiritually poetic ways. you will find a teacher. keep looking. there are books, dvds and other materials online that will help you to do this.
feeling sorry for yourself will stop your journey and anything else you try.

dr.alistair said...

embarassment=ego. the ego in it`s negative mode is the destroyer of love, for the self and of others, because when the ego demands attention all we can see is what we think we want.
the ego in it`s positive mode realises that it must work on loving it`s self unconditionally so that the negative aspects of the ego are recognised and diminished.
how does this diminishing occur?
find yourself being self important and egotistical in a destructive way and you will laugh..........when you are honest with your feelings. you then give yourself the permission to stop and let go the attachment to whatever is binding you to ego behaviour.
you created it in the first place so only you can let it go.
and then the arguing and demanding and negotiating stops and the allowing and accepting begins.

anu said...

Thanks for your insightful comments Dr. Alistair.

I am working on listening to myself to find out what in me created this event and then myself uncreated it.

Nevertheless, as you once said "it is in moments of crisis, that we need to pull out all our learnings and run faster.."

Well, it is so easy to love oneself when everything is going well. This is the crisis time when i should trust myself, love myself, acknowledge my creations, appreciate them and focus on self instead of projecting into the future.

dr.alistair said...

tomorrow never always will be in the future. there are only a series of nows that string together to make a life. to make a life now we must master choosing to live in a loving way here and now. love yourself first then pass it on. to try to do anything else causes pain.
if you find pain it`s a reminder to love yourself more.
pain is a signal that love is missing.

anu said...

Thank you Dr Alistair. No matter what you stand by love for self..i also want to inculcate this in me. I admire you for this :-)

dr.alistair said...

when you find love for yourself and of yourself, then whatever happens to you from that point onwards, you will have that love to give. it is the thing that allows us to recognise love in others and the beauty of the sky and the birds and the fish in the oceans.......and forgive ourselves for the inability of mere words to convey the meaning and to be able to smile as we work and play. there is nothing else anyway. this whole thing is love.