Friday, December 15, 2006

the matrix.

though this movie has become a sort of cartoon that people can gloss over and ignore for the most part, it is still the closest i`ve seen to opening the door to understanding that we live in an illusion created by religion and government to bind us to the consumer/robot society.
we are bound by fear to behaving within strict bands of behaviour. the "don`t walk on the grass" sign permiates our whole existance and we obssess on the tiniest of things that consume our energy and leave us tired and frustrated that we didn`t do what it was we wanted the first time................

so here we are. what the is the time to do that think you wanted to do, to say the thing you wanted to say and to feel what you really wanted to feel.

do it.


i have experienced the most amazing things when i just held my ground and had confidence that things were going to go my way........and they did.

files get lost, opportunities appeared, people change thier minds and things that weren`t allowed yesterday are now ok.

bank on it. it`s your reality. claim it.

and the funny thing is you know exactly what i`m talking about. you`ve seen it happen time and time again. maybe always to the other guy..................but he was just believing it was going to happen and it did.

now it`s your turn to have the other guy drop out of the running or a new manager take the caseload or a new department open up with the need for your skills.

or even better than that; an opportunity so amazing that you can hardly believe it yet here it is...............waiting for your next move.

has this happened to you before?

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