Wednesday, December 27, 2006


well, i think i`ve figured out what the end-of-the-world types are going on about.

a clue comes in the form of the question, what has been emerging most rapidly in society in the last ten years?


what is information?


with the emergence of personal computing and growing databases of everything and blogging as a learning tool where people can discuss anything they want to, we are seeing the emergence of personal power.

time just named the individual the person of the year.

because never before has the individual held so much power as right now.

so what suffers at the hand of personal power?

culture, government, religion and pre-existing dogmas and value systems and family games and so on.

it is truly the end of a type of world.

an end that has been predicted for centuries and an end that keeps on happening.


jlhart7 said...

Very cool idea. I hope it's true. I also hope such an idea would not make one too much like one of those Thomas Friedman-type cheerleaders for corporate globalization. I don't think you are that kind of cheerleader; it's just that I've heard about how great the information age is supposed to be for a long time from folks who make excuses for corporations' power growing like ivy around the world. On the other hand, if this idea of yours has any truth to it, then -- rock on!!

dr.alistair said...

well, you are correct in your observation of my dislike for globalism. the antidote is individualism.......and unfortunately it`s much like putting a band-aide on a shark bite, but it`s a repeatable practice that can stop the wound from being mortal.
there is really nothing that one can do about the vast corporations that sweep the planet in search of profits. i see people`s anger and resentment toward them as a time-waster like doing a crossword or walking the dog and people then become fodder for another game........politics. yet another group of global corporations looking for profit.