Monday, December 18, 2006


there are occasions where it is fruitful to be openly grateful for the abundance in our lives.

to recognise something is to resonate with it.

the resonance sends information back into the universe, aligning with more similar "it"...........

so what are we grateful for?

don`t think you can be grateful?

try this.

the sky above, whether blue, grey, orange, yellow or black as ink.

the birds in that sky.

the sea, the mountains, the trees, the people you smile at each day having them smile back and lengthen your spine as you lengthen thiers...........

alan watt. what would we see with out mr. watt?


great shoes.

the sheer thrill of it all.

timothy leary and my favorite saying of his. "when they try to get you down, come back at them with as much love as possible."

the great miracles that occur each and every second all around us.

well, that`s a tiny portion of what i`m greatful for. some of that which i`m grateful for would seem egotistical to some if i mentioned it. but hey, you can`t please everyone.


Yves said...

I'm ready to be shown that I am wrong, but in my view unspontaneous gratitude is a bit like obeying mother when she tells you "Say thank you to the nice lady".

dr.alistair said...

it wasn`t unspontaneous. and your mother was right. be grateful for what you recieve. it`s all about flow. everywhere else ini the physical universe it `s about flow so why would the energy of the spirit operate any differently?

Yves said...

No, she was trying to condition me to fake expressions in society in order to conform. Of course it wasn't spontaneous, it was enforced with threats.

There is a subtext here. You are a believer in the religion of NLP whose doctrine is "Fake things in order to make them true". I am an opponent of that doctrine.

I would gladly share your belief if it accorded to my experience of life, but I believe in listening to feelings, not forcing them and my feelings are against.

dr.alistair said...

it is natural for an organism to be homeostatic. it is the basis of survival. it is outside of my desire to convince you to smile if you don`t want to, but understand this, the training i have undertaken and the work that i do is absolutely genuine. there is no faking anything. all neuro-chemical responses are genuine.
nlp isn`t a prior belief, it is a process of adapting. there are those who use it in a dogmatic form, but they are missing the point.......which is to observe the next thing, because there is where the answers lie.
you gave it away when you say that you are an opponent of "faking" things. there is no faking because there are no absolutes in perception...........
the only thing that becomes real is what you decide is true......and you can exert flexibility in that.