Sunday, December 17, 2006


games, in the transactional sense, are so ingrained in our psyche as a culture and as a species, that to stop playing games and become functional is almost impossible..........for the simple reason that nobody can stand being around you.............

because when you call the game, the game tends to end.

if you know what i mean then you are on the path..........

if not, then consider this;

in the game called alcoholic (a popular game played by three or more players, the payoff being look after me, i can`t. ) when a person begins to stop drinking all the other players are threatened with having thier game stop. depending on how serious a game is being played, this turn of events can turn nasty. in a hard game the outcome can be the courthouse, hospital, jail or the morgue.

in my view of spiritual enlightenment one becomes enlightened in direct correlation to being able to recognise, call and change games for fun and profit.

one does have to eat and entertain one`s self, afterall.

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