Saturday, December 30, 2006

gratitude. genuine gratitude.

these are the people that, over the past year, have helped change my life.

for this i am eternally grateful.

bob brohman.
chris jones.
richard bandler.
kelley windebank.
alan watts.
elaine dow.
bob "the baptist" briar.
patrick mallaret.
elaine and gail, who`s last names i have never known.
the girls behind the counter at starbucks.
all my teammates.
al gordon.
olga bakai. (both of them......)
a number of girls called cynthia.
tim boucher.
the contessa.......for selling the house.
my sister.........for buying one.
rayburn and trevor, for thier immaturity at such an advanced age.
all my clients, who must remain nameless. (unless they bounce a cheque!)
lisa ashton for being absolutely and completely charming.

if i have forgotten someone it`s through no fault of thiers...............

this as been a year to remember.

thank you everyone.

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