Sunday, December 24, 2006


we are enriched by that which we resonate with. we recognise what we resonate with through our feelings.

this isn`t to say it`s a trivial process, one of childish greed or selfishness purely to satisfy an immediate want.

what happens is that we have a need to resonate with the things that enrich us for our survival as a spiritual and a physical creature.

knowing the difference between the trivial and the vital is the key to enrichment.

at no other time is the ability to discern the difference more important that at christmas when we are deep within the consumerist spasm of gift-giving (getting.) and are borderline psychotic with fatigue trying to get everything done.

the thing we desire most is love.

give it yourself first.......and then others will recognise that and accept what you have to offer.

everything else falls into line after that.

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