Sunday, December 03, 2006

so who do you think god is?

if we aren`t god then who is..............and what does this person think about?

what logic does he apply regarding things like relationships for example, or government, which he apparently made and was quite happy with the result...........or airline customer service or banking or the mechanism we know as the human knee or religion or physics or car insurance or hurricaines or, um, dating.

or maybe we are all doing this as a consensus of all the interactions or our individual universes clashing together on the surface of this planet in three dimensions of space and one (apparent) dimension of time..........

or............maybe you are just a figment of my imagination as much as i am of yours.

a figment so substantial that it is completely and utterly concrete.............ish.

because you have your doubts don`t you?

you`ve seen little flickers and flashes of some sort of glitch occasionally and those experiences linger in the memory.


Gary said...

Hi doc,

Thanks for the post and link to my site, Pathway To Happiness. Gettting around to the reply. Perhaps I'm too slow to do this blogging thing or not enough to say. I'm not afraid to talk about unconditional love is right, but interested to see how people react when I include a bit about religion and Christ in my next podcast on Dec 15th. He is famous for this time of year, so he gets to be the topic.

Keep up the exploration.


dr.alistair said...

blogging is about consistancy. i moved recently and am waiting for my internet connection at the apartment so my postings aren`t as frequent as i might like and so my hit rate drops accordingly.

i will be posting more about unconditional love as the christmas season approaches and people`s concience flares up.......