Wednesday, December 20, 2006

more about smiling.

the act of smiling triggers brain chemicals called neuro-transmitters to be released.

we are all drug addicts of one sort or another.

my view is that modern psychiatry does themselves and us, thier potential patients, a great disservice by not characterising behaviours via this mechanism more directly.

it seems pretty clear to me that most issues of mood are directly linked to these class of chemicals.

for example the disorder known a sad or seasonal adjusted disorder is due to seritonin issues related to diminished sunlight throughout the winter. my ex will be the first to attest that i have had episodes of this.

the non-medical cures for condition are more sunlight and 5-htp, a neuro-transmitter available at any local health food shop in north america and europe. this reasonably inexpensive suppliment totally aleviates the mood issues experienced by the majority of people relatiing to the change in available sunlight in the winter.

another example is the neuro-transmitter phenyl-ethyl-amine, or p.e.a., found in chocolate. this drug is released into the brain when we are hugged by someone we love. p.e.a. is known as the love drug.

smiling at someone and having them smile back......or even smiling in the mirror at yourself does the same thing.

so unless there are biological or medical reasons why your brain is deficient in these common processes you should be able to create any mood possible through practice.

we are addicts.

our brains are drug factories.

what drugs are you on?

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