Monday, December 11, 2006


we are conditioned from birth to have a concience.

what purpose does this serve?

in modern society concience makes us feel responsible for others, many of whom we don`t know and couldn`t possibly effect.................yet we are asked to feel somehow responsible for thier care and safety.


garret hardin wrote a book some years ago called filters against folly. in that book he wrote quite a bit about the idea of ecolate thinking, or what happens after we do something.

he was working towards the idea that we are to give charitably to charities to feed nations who`s crops have failed.

on the surface of it it would seem like a wonderful idea to feed starving people in foriegn countries. it is the hieght of humanitarian action and, to some, the clear indication that we are an evolved society.

but here`s the other side of the coin.

those people that we fed and sheltered and showed how to sustain themselves are now merrily murdering each other in a cycle of natural genocide that has been going on since day one in africa.

so what good is it to feed a group of people only to have them return to the fray once they have thier strength back?

it`s clearly not. we are merely acting on our guilty conscience..................and some who read this would rather kill the messenger that face the fact.

this applies to poverty, homelessness, literacy programs.........etc, by the way.

so who benifits from all this fund-raising and bureaucracy?



Yves said...

How convenient, Alistair. You don't need to care about anyone but yourself. No one else is worthy of your help, apart from your paying clients, obviously.

All you have to do is discredit the whole notion of conscience and you are fine.

Your blog is obviously a way to help you have a warm feeling about your life: not to learn anything, not to have doubts, not to engage in true dialog with anyone, not to feel brotherhood for your fellow men.

Sleep easy at nights, you wonderful Doctor!

dr.alistair said...

oh, i found the post window............sorry you feel that way yves.
where in my post does it state my lack of care for anyone?
and what is this worthiness issue?
engaging in dialog? i was making statements. the dialog is here. now.
i do feel brotherhood for my fellow man. i fail to see where you can conclude that i wouldn`t. if you`ve read any of my posts you will see that i `m imploring people to wake up and experience the joy in it all.

i take occasion to dig at the mechanisms by which we are controlled as a society. concience is one of those mechanisms. once we slip free the bounds of many of these mechanisms we then have more flexibility to do things like..........find a satisfying career or get healthy or stop smoking finally or going to the casino or getting irritated over the opinions and arguements of others.......

it`s really not worth it in the end.

we could have been spending the time discussing something we agree on.