Saturday, December 09, 2006

ideas are things.

ideas are things.

they are as real as bricks and iron rails and internet connectivity.

you are creating things by thinking each and every moment of your life.

unfortunately most of us are behing the eight-ball by thinking negatively about things.

we know what we don`t want and discuss this viewpoint in our minds.

what this does is send a thought out to resonate with exactly and precisely what we don`t want.

then it arrives.


bills, bills, bills.............

what we focus on comes back to u s. it has to happen. it`s the way things work.

just be careful to focus on what you want.

and don`t be surprised when it arrives.

well, not too suprised...........


Yves said...

Odd coincidence Alistair. You saying ideas are concrete and me saying the other day (posts Wildfire 1 & 2) that not only are ideas insubstantial but like fire they burn up other ideas.

dr.alistair said...

ideas tend to concretize over time. having said that, if your belief is that one idea burns up another, then that will manifest too.