Saturday, December 23, 2006

the road never traveled.

statistically the likeleyhood of something happening in a person`s lifetime diminishes significantly once the ratio reaches around one in ten thousand. this means that the likelhood becomes insistinguishable from "never".

to illustrate this we only need to look at the ratio of one in two hundred thousand, which is the odds against being hit by lightning. i live in a suburban corridor of millions of people and a few people each year get hit.........but nobody i come into contact with knows these people.

the other side of this is the ratio of one in one hundred. the ratio of people who earn $100,000 or more to those who don`t.

i deal professionally with people who earn in this bracket and they are the same animals as thier less affluent counterparts.

so when we say we will "never" attain such levels of income are we refering to the 1/10,000 ratio or the 1/100 ratio?

income relates more to how you prepare mentally in your life that any other factor.

otherwise the ratio would be significantly higher...................

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