Tuesday, December 05, 2006

decision-making strategies.

we are operating perfectly all the time. we just get anchored to poor strategies for doing things.

for example............remember how we feel badly when we think about doing math problems on the blackboard in front of the class? we don`t have to do that these days, but remember when you did?

we have anchored so much discomfort and pain to the process that we shy away from problem solving altogether now unless we really have to.

and that`s a shame because we have these huge brains that are designed perfectly for problem-solving and decision-making.

the teachers forced us into painful positions to attempt to solve problems and make decisions.

so we solve the problem now by deciding to avoid math, logic and decisions period.

but here`s the thing. we are still working perfectly.

when we are happy and comfortable we meet the challenge of solving problems. the solution is obvious and we decide to act on the solution comfortably and effortlessly.

when we are hungry we eat. when we are thirsty we drink and when we are tired we sleep.

when money runs out we work.

when we need a laugh we seek humour.

when we are lonely we look for companionship.

look at how we see ourselves in these situations.

moving freely towards our goals with the outcome in plain sight.

we don`t even think about doing these things because of how we arranged the goals in our mind.

once you see the difference in how we percieve the effortless vs. the difficult in your mind you can begin to shift the difficult to where you put effortless.

try it.....................

see how you do effortless and see yourself doing the difficult the same way.

keep running the idea over in your mind.

did you notice that the difficult becomes less so over time?

this is what happens when someone else tries to convince you to do something.............if they persist you start to feel differently about seeing yourself doing what they suggest.

you can do it to yourself too. now.

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