Saturday, April 28, 2007


in the clinical setting, not unlike in the world, we are constantly searching for meaning in the behaviour of others.

professionally i am asked to "find the problem" and here is part of how i approach the process.

as i have stated elsewhere, we see images and hear voices and sounds in our heads. we also smell smells and feel feelings and taste things and gain and retain our balance.

everyone does this slightly differently.

we all see, hear, taste, smell and feel and move.......but some are more predominantly biased to one mode than another.

these elements in nlp are called sub-modalities.

nlp is neuro-linguistic programming.

so i watch how a person sees what they are seeing or feels what they are feeling or smelling or tasting.

you can see by watching how a person`s breathing deepens or speeds up at a suggestion, or thier eyes start moving differently as they see thier pictures.

learning to read people this way is inate in some.

i`ve seen some masters who`ve never heard of nlp or hypnosis.

babies are masters. they unlearn as they grow.

so, once i calibrate a person`s way of doing thier world, i apply it to new experiences in my mind as we proceed and get a substantial understanding of how thier life is working or not.


Cynnie said...

I'm just stopping by to say hi..
I feel great today..
alert and alive !

and i thought of you..( crazy huh?)

you must have needed me to show up right now for some reason

dr.alistair said...

well, good morning cynnie.

alert and alive.

a good place to begin.

we are looking forward to a real spring day here.

off to the soccer field to do battle.

thanks for posting........nice.

Anonymous said...

This guy for real? LMAO!

He can't even spell!

Believe me friend, whatever it is you're lacking in the real world, you're not making up for here....


dr.alistair said...

fuck, did i spel a word rong?


33? partick roy?

reveal yourself and let`s have a real conversation.