Wednesday, April 04, 2007


recently things have been such that i haven`t felt the urge to communicate.

during this period there have been those who have suggested doing certain things to effect change and to manipulate situations and people for my benifit..........

and you know what?

i`m realising that it has been better to just do nothing.

and the world still spins.

and my concerns persist.

and there is nothing i can do to change the fact.

now i have to do laundry.


barista grazioso said...

Laundry sucks.

I hope you're doing okay Doc ((Hugs)). I understand where you're at, and that's okay.

BBC said...

After a year at it I've learned one thing.

Blogs are just a waste of time that we could be spending time improving our lives with.

Really, all we are doing is fucking around. Unless in some small ways I helped you with your thinking. In that case, you're welcome. LOL

dr.alistair said...

i began to blog to maintain my sanity........

and you did help.


renée said...

...i think that if you are desperate or go through a bad crisis it's not really good to act because imbalance always shows you the wrong way but if you are strong and calm inside yourself, all decision you take will be the right one. the most difficult i think is the courage you must summon to be patient.
great to hear of you again! and i don't think that blogging has no influence of getting on.if the blog is a serious one, it's an discussion between kindred people and that gives you new ideas...

JLee said...

We're listening when you feel like communicating :)

dr.alistair said...

thank you everyone. my silence isn`t a is merely that i am listening more than speaking at the moment....

in preperation for an imminent battle.

i have done my best to avoid the coming conflict but my adverary is determined to see this through to the unnecessary end.

Cynnie said...

hiya babe!
I hope you're just too busy having a fucking fabulous life..

BBC said...

Oh, I love the imminent battle part.

Oh shucks, you are talking about something else, where I am talking about the battle of mankind and spirit.

Oh well. Good luck, or just give it all away because nothing is worth your sanity, it's just money for christs sake, and money is just an energy.

It comes, it goes, fuck it. Or as an old friend used to say, "It could be money, or it could be love, or it could be sex".

Well, you figure it out. :-)

But if she is like an American woman all they really care about is money. You know, so they can get their nails done.

Ricardo said...

Wow Dr. A it sounds like something big and not very good is looming on the horizon. I hope it all works out for you.

BBC said...

I helped you keep your sanity.

Ha, ha, ha.

You haven’t been sane since you were six years old and started discovering that they had been lying to you and telling you a lot of make believe crap. And it’s continued through your whole ‘education’ until now you don’t know what in the hell to believe.

And now you are working of a doctorate of divinity? From an accredited school of some sort I suppose.

Ha, ha, ha. What a fucking hoot. If those idiots knew what they were talking about they would all be teaching the same thing, that we are God in evolution.

Remember, sometimes the best way to keep what sanity you do have is to just walk away from some battles as they are not worth fighting if it is just a power struggle or about money. Women fight for property and money because they are bitches that way, but you can rise above it all. Hugs.

dr.alistair said...

cynnie, my heart opened up when i read your comment.

some of my life recently has been fabulous.

for that i am grateful.

bill, again you are bang on.......since i was six. yep, that`s about right.

Renée said...

Bill, I'm a woman and I'm divorced,too but I gave everything (no, I beg your pardon, I took with me my Ganesha statue)to my husband because he needed it and I don't care about money but I care about fairness. And I think that you are often not really conscious about what your are saying. It's not as simple as that and you don't have to justice all the world around you because you had bad experiences in your life. You know about karma I imagine?