Wednesday, April 18, 2007


.................good feelings. for no reason.

reason is the dialog inside.

the noise in the head.

when that stops the world beigns.

input is possible.

so how do we choose good feelings for no reason?

by remembering.

remember a good feeling from the past.

got one?

could you make one up?

when you have got one then continue reading.

once you remember a good feeling.......or a memory that creates that good feeling realise that the memoryis made up of elements of sight, sound, smell, taste and sensation.

so now begin to see what you saw.

hear the sounds that make you remember.

some of the smells if you can.



and notice that when you focus on these sensations that you can amplify the colurof a green field of the blue of a sky...........

or the roar of the crowd.

the smell of baking in the kitchen or her sweet perfume.

and her touch.

and you are right back there in time and space re-experiencing that good feeling.

the more you do this, the more you amplify the feelings.

and the better you feel.



Cynnie said...

I'm pretty much always happy.

I sometimes wonder if i'm slightly brain damaged..

dr.alistair said...

well, if you are happy, which i have no doubt you are.....then why worry about a little brain damage?

look at all the clearly brain damaged people who are merrily on with thier business without a care in the world.

you just have to laugh.

BBC said...

If she is pretty much happy all of the time she must not pay much attention to reality.

I wish I could do that.

Well, maybe she has plenty of money and no relationship problems. Or no money and we support her. Hum.

dr.alistair said...

money and relationships can be a problem.

life is more important than that though.......