Friday, April 27, 2007

spiritual developement.

i have been criticised for my position regarding ideas about conscience and obligation.

the reason for this criticism is clear.

my critics want me to be seen as selfish.

there is nothing further from the truth.

it is my desire for people to be comfortable enough with themselves to be able to stay out of other people`s shit.

it is the moral position of the church that we should be concerned with the behaviours and values of others and this gives people the authority to be judgemental.

this is at direct odds with what i believe enlightenment to be.

i would consider the churches position to be one of encumberment.

heaping burdens on people that they can`t possibly carry.


Anonymous said...

Point of order: Are you a Christian minister seeking a doctorate in divinity?

Regarding the topic, I'm an atheist, but used to call myself a Christian. Performance guilt is a big deal with Christians (believe me I still have it). The paradox between 'faith without works' and 'only by grace' is tough.

Currently, I just don't give a damn. I'm like Thoreau sitting on his doorstep watching the day unfold. I'm selfish as hell. I'm working my way up to reaching out, but for now I just need to heal from all the anxiety, depression, and guilt.

dr.alistair said...

point of order? no.

christian dogma is for idiots.

the doctorate is for credence.

i have some things to say and some people to help so the doctorate allows people to let me work.

people need to know where you went to school......even though they don`t know what that entails or what benifit the credential provides.

my skill is in speaking to people`s own natural understanding of how to live.

the conversations i have with people`s subconcious reprogrammes them......well actually they go away and run the new program over and over until they begin to change.

they give me the permission to do that.

they do the rest themselves.

just as they always have.

regarding negotiating with the dogma........

.........just tell it to shut the fuck up.

Anonymous said...

What is the focus of your dissertation?

Do you consider what I'm doing negotiating with the dogma? I believe it's important to give back. I know someone that bails on doing some things (like getting together with a friend who kinda gets on her nerves) because "doing something under obligation is hypocritical or inauthentic" or something like that.

Reprogramming subconsciousnesses. Is that Ellis or something?

dr.alistair said...

gnostic. the direct knowledge of god.

the divinity within us all.

we are the only ones here after all.

reprogramming the subconscious....

i come from the position that we create realities as we go.

they are flexible, like fluid almost, adapting to situations.

unless we resist.

the theosophists stirred up the ancient mystical traditions and hermetic practice as a way of reprogramming, which played into the victorian judeo-christian fear of the occult and all things hidden.

phew, this is the tip of a massive iceburg.

we live at the bottom of giant well of media that pours all manner of ideas at us.


turn off the tv.

look away from newspapers.

stay out of the magazine racks.

negotiating with dogma?

"The paradox between 'faith without works' and 'only by grace' is tough."

i think maybe you are.

the "will-to-proof" is part of the trap that binds the ego to intellectual arguement.

an accumilation of fact in agreement with professors will not allow spiritual attainment.

it will, however, get you a degree or two.

as i said before, the doctorate is for credence.

my personal path is one of acceptance.

Anonymous said...

"reprogramming the subconscious....

i come from the position that we create realities as we go.

they are flexible, like fluid almost, adapting to situations."

Will you please give me a brief primer of your method. For example, how is one to consider the subconscious? Do you meditate on it? Is your belief like Zen?

dr.alistair said...

the word "subconscious, or unconscious", is a map of a reality that we have no objective understanding of.

all we have is the map.

my metaphysics deals with it this way.

we are a filtering and deleting and hallucinating device.

many of the mechanisms for these processes work beautifully most of the time.

i calibrate a person`s mechanisms and utilise them to solve problems in my own head while we are in session.

then i make suggestions where needed.

i suppose my belief is like zen in that it is not a conscious act.

like thoreau, watching the world go by........

our modern conscious reality is linguistic and semantic.

it is our enemy on the path to enlightenment.

that`s why i made mention of your negotiation with dogma.