Sunday, April 22, 2007

question for debate.

is anger something that passes with spiritual maturity?

what is spiritual maturity?

what is anger?


BBC said...

Anger is Gods alter ego.

And I'm not going to debate it with you. I'm fucking tired of debating with you monkeys, because you don't listen to me.

So just go screw around with some more of those little girl monkeys and get yourself even more screwed up because you would like to kiss their boobs and have sex with them.

Yeah, you do that. :-)

Don't forget your checkbook. :-)

dr.alistair said...

thanks for the answer bill.

no debate here.

Ricardo said...

I don't think anger passes with spiritual maturity at all. I think spiritual maturity is always having the ability to question a set of beliefs and keep the door open for evolving them in a a more encompassing a stronger set of beliefs. Spiritual immaturity is not budging for anything no matter what is in front of you. It's living in denial.

Gorilla Bananas said...

Why is some grey-haired fellow claiming to speak on behalf of the BBC? I feel quite sure the BBC has no particular view on anger, monkeys or their boobs. This imposter must be exposed without mercy.

dr.alistair said...

ricardo, i believe that in some ways spiritual maturity is a move away from dogma.

certainly it is a reliance on the knowledge of a divinity within.

gorilla, i wondered the same thing initally, but bill is a charming chap once you get to know him.

Anonymous said...

I think anger is a valuable emotion because it informs you when your integrity has been attacked. With spiritual maturity comes the proper response to your anger.

The best book I've ever read about anger is 'The Dance of Anger' by Harriet Lerner. It's a relatively short book, with clear examples of types of situations, the reasons behind them, and suggested actions.

What is spiritual maturity? How about something like...consistently following the tenets of your discipline of choice.

-anon 1

dr.alistair said...

the proper response to anger.

i like that phrase because it goes to the heart of the issue.

who judges the propriety?

i know my answer.

society`s answer is to do nothing and to let reason be the guide.

meanwhile the criminal goes free by right and we have no choice but to remain victim.


Cynnie said...

I never accept checks for boobage kissing.
cash only baby.

Cynnie said...

But seriously ..
I rarely get mad..very very rarely.
anger tends to just hurt burns like acid inside and makes you bitter and mean.

and words matter !..
i watch what I'm saying when I am angry..
cause you can't take that hurt back
and i hate seeing the sad blurry shocked look when someone gets hit with some spiteful phrase.

I'm a love-er

dr.alistair said...

funny, in your picture you look as if you`ve said something you regretted.

or was that a kiss?

saying what you need to in a way that won`t do damage is an art.

there is such a fine line at times...........

but things do need to be said.