Sunday, April 08, 2007


someone wished me a happy easter today and i made a joke about it being one of those odd christian celebrations, and the woman got hostile with me........

it made me realise the thin veneer of civility that people of religion have for people with other ways of expressing thier spirituality.......sometimes.

being a student of history and religion and divinity etc. i have a perspective on things that the indoctrinated don`t have access to, and maybe i`m being a little unfair by joking with them about thier holy days.

or maybe it`s my right to be protective of my position.

anyway, hopefully you spent time with those you love today........whatever the reason.

and had some chocolate bunny ears.

the best bit.


BBC said...

Easter, ha, ha, ha.

Something the Christians took and fucked up.

Yeah, give me that chocolate bunny, I'll eat that fucker.

It beats kissing a Christians boobs.

I take that back, I'll kiss the boobs over the bunny, I just don't want the rest of her brain.

Christians are frigging idiots.

Renée said...

I don't think that Christians are idiots. I think that there are no more Christians. At Easter I imagine that it certainly must be a very important day for a devouted person: the resurrection of Christ!But nobody cares about it. People care about holidays and eggs and a lot of eating and drinking. Incomprehensive for me, that unchristian person...

dr.alistair said...

the people who understand the message that the man spoke are few. mostly people who call themselves christians are seperatists, bent on dividing and judging.

the law of moses is used to make judgement and bind people up in guilt and resentment.

the message was to be good to yourself and to others.

the rest was law.

he spoke of an end to that and they nailed him to a tree.

that`s what easter means to me.

the little delicate gold crosses are a reminder of that horror......and of spiritual bancrupcy.

BBC said...

Easter means nothing to me. And I was the man on that cross.

Cynnie said...

I like being catholic..
But i was beat up by first being a southern baptist..
So catholic seems so sweet and easy.
I really dont celebrate holidays though..
But i would so eat a chocolate jesus.!!

Cynnie said...

and hey!..I'm not stupid!
and I'm loving and sweet and accepting and there.!.
you hate something long enough you turn into what you hate..
didnt someone once say that?

dr.alistair said...

cynnie, you are like a breath of fresh air.


when you stare into the abyss just remember, it stares back.

the world is a mirror.